1979 Procar Green


The Ardea Pictura is airbrushed in dark green and treated with a crystallising mask, creating a distinctive swirled pattern and a soft purple glow. It is finished with no less than 3 layers of clear lacquer. With its intriguing visual appearance and understated elegance, the Ardea Pictura is a remarkable and prominent feature in any interior.

4 standard USB-A ports and 1 USB-C opening will provide you with plenty of connectivity. Every Garzetta Ardea delivers top speed with a powerful Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor. It comes with integrated Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics and two Visaton BF32 speakers. Also standard in every Ardea is a high speed Samsung solid state drive (SSD), booting your Garzetta Ardea in a mere 10 seconds.

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