FAQ: After purchase


Where is the power button?

The power button is located on top of your Garzetta Ardea. It has the shape of the company logo of Garzetta. Push the power button gently to start your Garzetta Ardea.

Do you offer a service programme for the Garzetta Ardea?

We do not offer a service programme at this moment. But do not hesitate to contact us with questions about service and repair by sending an email to support@garzetta.eu. We are very happy to oblige if possible.

Can I repair, replace or supplement the hardware in my Garzetta Ardea?

Opening the housing will not render the warranty void. However, all work that is not performed by Garzetta or a certified service partner will void your warranty if it causes damage or results in malfunction(s). Please send an email to support@garzetta.eu if you suspect a need for repair.

(How) should I clean the exterior of my Garzetta Ardea?

To clean the exterior of your Garzetta Ardea use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Wipe the case gently. Please do not use any chemical cleaners, cleaning products, sprays or solvents to clean your Garzetta Ardea.

(How) should I clean the interior of my Garzetta Ardea?

It is not necessary to clean the interior of your Garzetta Ardea. Any dust collecting on the ventilation openings on the back and bottom of the computer can be gently cleaned with a vacuum cleaner on low setting. Take care not to scratch your Garzetta while doing this.

Exchange or return

Can I exchange or return my Garzetta Ardea?

The customer may choose to return or exchange the product within 14 days of delivery. The exterior of each Garzetta is produced upon individual request and therefore exchange and return possibilities may be limited in some instances. Please consult our terms of delivery or send us an email at info@garzetta.eu for more information.


My programs are on CD/DVD. How can I install them?

Our devices are not equipped with an internal CD/DVD. You can connect a commercially available external CD/DVD drive to install programs from a CD/DVD onto your Garzetta Ardea.

Can I connect multiple displays to my Garzetta Ardea?

You can connect up to 3 monitors to your device depending on the wiring.

How can I connect my old PC monitor to my Garzetta Ardea?

You can order the right adapter for all common PC monitor connections from our webshop.

Do you offer assistance in case of problems with Windows?

Yes, as long as it involves no third-party software or hardware. Please send us an email at support@garzetta.eu with a description of the problem.

Can I attach the Garzetta Ardea to a wall or PC monitor?

The Garzetta Ardea cannot be attached to a wall or PC monitor. Position your Garzetta Ardea securely on a stable desk or table.